"Our Lady of Hope Spirituality Center"

Benin, West Africa

About Us

Under the patronage of Mary. a sanctuary enhancing hope and unity for the new Africa.

A retreat center for group and individually directed retreats

A formation center for spiritual directors.

A center for exploring and understanding African spirituality and developing ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

In summary, a place for education about intercultual and interreligious tolerance and peace grounded in a spiritual experience with Christ who revealed the Father as one and triune God.

Our Mission

We are working to achieve the inclusion of Africa in the Kingdom of God, the incarnation of the Son in view of a new Pentecost for the reconciliation of God with people of all cultures, and the birth of a new heaven and a new earth where humans of all races and people of all nations live united in diversity in the image of the Triune God.

Our Prayer

O merciful God,

I offer you all the beats of my heart

All the sighs of my chest for as many acts of love

O that I had Mary’s most loving heart!

O that I had the heart of all the saints above!

O that I had your own heart,
O sweet Jesus!

To make up for what is still missing

For me to love you as I would,
Lord Jesus!

My desire to see you loved is burning

To see you blessed and worshipped by all

And especially by your people in Africa,
in Benin,

Now in the present age and forever in eternity.